World leaders teaching tertiary students the ropes in business

13 Dec 2013

Ducere Centre of Management welcomes Boston Consulting Group’s Phillip Evans and Oxford Professor  Susan Greenfield to elite global leaders business faculty.

She has leant her ideas to more than thirty publications and over 100 research papers, and achieved more than thirty honorary degrees in her field, and now Professor Susan Greenfield’s expertise will form a central part of the D?cere course curriculum: with students learning through a real-life case study methodology from some of the best leaders and businesspeople in the world.

Greenfield has spent a lifetime examining and contributing to the world of neuroscience and has developed a keen interest in examining the ways that modern technology can influence the way young people think. She will deliver case studies to assist teaching on the topic of ‘creating a physical environment that supports innovation’ in Ducere’s online Business and Management Diplomas

Greenfield and Evans join existing Global Faculty members John Howard, Lindsay Fox, Desmond Tutu, Jeanne Pratt, Margaret Jackson, Tim Fischer, Mo Ibrahim, David Copperfield, and many more globally-recognised CEOs, political leaders, scientists and humanitarians, whose case-study videos make up the course content for the tertiary business diplomas.

Senior Partner of the Boston Consulting Group, Phillip Evans has also recently joined the Ducere Global Leaders Faculty, speaking on the topic of ‘Implementing an eBusiness Strategy.’

For the third year in a row, Fortune Magazine has listed the Boston Consulting Group as one of the top 100 companies to work for. Evans’ work there focuses on exploring the relationship between information technology and business strategy.

Founder Mat Jacobson first met with Evans after being invited to attend the Clinton Global Initiative in New York at the end of September and is thrilled to now welcome the US-based businessmen to the Global Leaders Faculty.

“Welcoming these two internationally reputable leaders is an exciting coup, continuing Ducere’s aim of being recognised globally for its merits as an education and philanthro-capitalist organisation,” Jacobson said

“Both Susan Greenfield and Phillip Evans are amazing additions to our faculty, and we are more than thrilled to welcome them to Ducere.

“Their combined expertise in information technology and how young people use it adds immense value to our curriculum, and the business as a whole because we are based online. It all goes hand-in-hand.”

Greenfield joins the Ducere Global Leaders Faculty to share her insights into her research and the management styles needed to push yourself and guide a team towards meeting a goal.

The shared experiences, success, knowledge and insights from Ducere’s newest faculty members provides students with exclusive video content, to help them learn from the best. Courses can be done at less than six months with open enrollments at any time of the year.


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