The Ducere Foundation works with communities across Africa capturing children’s stories, building pride in oral tradition and creating leadership opportunities through publishing, school development and mentorship initiatives. We empower the voices of children through responsible, sustainable and scalable philanthropic projects, which are primarily funded through the work of the Ducere Global Business School in Australia and Mauritius.
By working alongside governments and within schools, and partnering with many not-for-profits, the Ducere Foundation is motivated learners and passionate leaders prepared for success on a global stage.
Our African Children’s Stories project has amplified the voices of 10,500 students in over 16 African nations, and published over 150,000 collections of student writing since 2014. We also provide resources and master classes through our School Improvement Program to improve student outcomes, particularly in Mathematics, Science and English.
We believe that education is the key driver of meaningful social change, especially across Africa where rapid urbanisation is providing both opportunities and challenges. Our Peace Education program delivers curriculum content and mentorship through debating, human rights practice, peace building, advocacy and leadership.
The Ducere Foundation Read Out Loud radio program, broadcast from Livingstone, Zambia since 2013, gives hundreds of children the opportunity to share their life experience, discuss their ideas across the airwaves and stimulate rich conversation within their communities.
Launching the African Children’s Stories Project in Rwanda