Greetings from Our Chancellor, the Hon. Julia Gillard

"The connection between higher education, industry and government is vital to the future success of academic institutions. So too are the links between academic underpinning and real world learning at all levels of education, which is one of the main reasons for my involvement with Ducere; the organisation is a platform for creating meaningful change in education at both an academic and philanthropic level and I am delighted to be joining them as Chancellor."
Our Mission
Ducere is a social enterprise that delivers pioneering education initiatives in Australia and Africa. The Ducere Global Business School partners with exceptional universities, innovative organisations and global leaders to be the most student-focused and industry-relevant business school in Australia. Our higher education programs fund the groundbreaking publishing, school development and mentorship work of the Ducere Foundation, which provides unique learning and leadership opportunities in over 16 African nations.
In Latin, the word Ducere means ‘to lead’ or ‘to guide’. We believe that leadership and education are fundamentally connected, and that today’s students are best served by higher education that is flexible, practical, industry-relevant and innovation-focused. By bridging the gap between real industry leadership and rigorous academic guidance, our Bachelor and MBA programs deliver unique enterprise skills for the 21st-century innovation economy.
University Degrees for the 21st Century
Delivered in partnership with universities and major companies, Ducere degrees are designed to meet the needs of the modern learner through flexible online study, real-world business projects, dynamic industry events and unparalleled student support.
In partnership with the University of Canberra, Ducere delivers “Australia’s most innovative MBA” (Financial Review) – a unique postgraduate program enabling students to work on real projects with Australia’s leading businesses.
Ducere and the University of Canberra’s bachelor degrees in Applied Business deliver enterprise skills for the 21st Century innovation economy across management, marketing and entrepreneurship.
The launch of Ducere's Global Game Changers program in 2017 sees Australia's first undergraduate degree for the global innovation economy, combining Bachelor-level study with international learning and leadership opportunities across five nations.
An Extraordinary Student Experience
From flexible and self-directed online study, to real-world business projects and dynamic industry events, we have designed our programs to meet the needs of the modern learner.
Both our Bachelor and MBA courses blend immersive online learning with an applied assessment approach. Under this model, our students decide when and how they study, whilst completing practical assessments that are relevant to their own career needs and to the needs of industry.
So instead of exams, you could be working on business plans, project case studies and more, while enjoying access to Australia’s most industry-relevant course curriculum and content.
However you choose to study, you’ll receive personalised support and advice through our student support teams, along with in-depth practical feedback from our academic staff. At every stage of your student journey, Ducere will work with you to cultivate the digital literacy, critical know-how and entrepreneurial skillsets required for success in an economy transformed by innovation.
Practical and Industry-Relevant Higher Education
Ducere courses are delivered in partnership with leading organisations to provide university education that truly prepares graduates to take their next career steps.
Ducere’s industry partnerships support the creation of practical and relevant course content; real industry projects connecting students with the real business world and exclusive industry events hosted by Australia’s leading companies.
Real Insights from Global Leaders and Business Innovators
The Ducere Global Leaders Faculty comprises of over 250 industry leaders from the highest echelons of public life, including former Presidents, Prime Ministers, CEOs, entrepreneurs and philanthropists.
Video insights from these leaders are woven throughout Ducere’s course content and curriculum, bridging the gap between academic studies and practical, industry-relevant learning.
Students gain the further opportunity to hear from and engage with business Global Leaders in person at exclusive Ducere industry events.
Some inspiring words on leadership from Andrew MacLeod.
Mr Andrew MacLeod

Recipient, Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal (2001, 2003)

  • Chief of Operations, United Nations Emergency Coordination Centre, Pakistan (2005)
  • Non-Executive Director, Cornerstone Capital
  • General Manager Community, Communications and External Relations, Rio Tinto (2012-2013)
  • CEO, Committee for Melbourne (2010-2012)