Industry Partners

Bridging the gap between Higher Education and Industry needs

We believe that the clearest path to high-quality student outcomes is a path that connects traditional academia with the needs of the contemporary business world. This is why we build strong partnerships with the higher education sector and industry-leading organisations – to ensure that our students receive the highest-quality education possible, grounded in the professional skills that today’s employers demand.
Industry-focused learning experiences, integrated with major organisations across corporate, not-for-profit and government sectors.
When you study with us, you are connected to a vast network of industry experience and expertise – a network that includes a range of major corporations, successful startups, governments and not-for-profit bodies.
These partnerships help shape our industry-relevant curriculum and enable new connections between students, universities and the business world.
From flexible and self-directed online study, to real-world business projects and dynamic industry events, we have designed our programs to meet the needs of the modern learner.

Industry Partners

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Connecting Students and Real Industry Projects

Our MBA program is structured around three major projects with these industry partners. Over the course of your study, you will work on real projects with real commercial impact, while gaining exposure to the most successful and consequential organisations in the country!
In three years of operation, MBA student teams have completed over 50 four-month industry projects with major organisations across the corporate, for-purpose and public sectors. This equates to students contributing a total of 200 months or over 16 years worth of consultancy work to the Australian economy! Meanwhile, Bachelor students are designing new businesses as part of their degree, and completing practical and applied work on the business challenges of today.
Project Video: Creating Innovation Ecosystems with PwC
Project Video: Improving HR Strategies with Save the Children