The Ducere Team

Mathew Jacobson
Founder and CEO
Di Fleming
Executive Director, Ducere Foundation
Warren Kennard
General Manager
Neil Schyer
Head of Partnerships
Daniel Cairns
Head of Enrolments
Lani Cush
Head of Marketing
Dylan Bennett
Head of Production
Daniel d’Appio
Head of Publishing, Ducere Foundation
Tracey Cui
Head of Finance
Tran Nguyen
Academic Operations Manager
Oskar Santos
Engagement Manager
Realm Choong
Film Production Manager
Joe Blackwell
Marketing Coordinator
Dominique Liard
Student Support Officer
Matilda Houlihan
Student Support Officer
Leon Huxtable
Student Support Officer
Libby Salles
Product Manager
Aude Bernhard
LMS Manager
Nicky Gao
Assistant Accountant
Sam Ross
Creative Content Manager
Angus Turner
Angus Jones
Sobin Sebastian
Product Team Member