Wealth Creator – Top Five Tips for Fostering Innovation

02 Jan 2014

Innovation is one of the driving forces behind so much of what we do in business, and one of the key learning topics in our tertiary business and management courses. Mat Jacobson, Ducere founder shared his top five tips for fostering innovation in the Summer issue of Wealth Creator magazine.

Having built and sold a number of successful businesses both in Australia and overseas in property development, as well as sales and education, Mat Jacobson has always thought outside the box when it comes to his projects. Mat details his key drivers for fostering innovation.

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1. Hire for culture and value diversity 

Look for people who understand  your vision and the culture you want to build, but at the same time are not afraid to share their own ideas

2. Predict the unpredictable 

You never know when two seemingly unconnected ideas might lead to innovation, so seek the unfamiliar.

3.passoninately passionate 

Passion fuels innovation so construct a team that is driven by the same force, they will share your passion and believe in your dream.

4. The blame game 

Your team needs to feel safe enough to make a mistake, avoid pointing the finger too much, instead instil boundaries.

5. Keeping it balanced, 

Take time out to refresh your mind and body so you can continue to push innovation with a rejuvenated outlook.


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