Ducere takes education offering to international audience with new University of Mauritius partnership

20 Aug 2014

Innovative tertiary learning provider Ducere has officially crossed Australian borders, launching its first international education partnership with the University of Mauritius (UoM).

Ducere has signed a Partnership Agreement with the University of Mauritius, the oldest and largest university in Mauritius and one of the best universities in Africa. The partnership will offer an MBA to students, in a blended learning environment, taking advantage of Ducere’s unique and internationally renowned faculty of global leaders, including Presidents, Prime Ministers and global CEO’s.

Ducere provides its education programs in leadership, management and social innovation through a real-life case study methodology, delivered by proven frontrunners in these fields.

Ducere Founder, entrepreneur Mathew Jacobson said the partnership with UoM is an opportunity to continue to innovate the education sector on an international scale, extending the elite education offering and strengthening Ducere’s partnerships with exciting and dynamic institutions, locally and overseas.

“Mauritius is one of the world’s greatest success stories. Although it was one of the poorest nations in the world just twenty years ago with sugar cane as its only source of income, it is a now a thriving middle income country.”

“By partnering with a provider such as the UoM, we’re able to extend our unique education experience and knowledge from our Global Leaders Faculty to students in Mauritius and wider Africa, to benefit the nation as a whole and the student communities within, to foster learning and encourage the next generation of leaders to emerge.”

Founded in 1965, UoM offers over 200 internationally recognised programs to a population of nearly 12,000 students in Mauritius and throughout Africa. With a faculty and staff of 1,500 the university partners with renowned institutions all over the world and commits to learning partnerships and collaborations to bridge knowledge across continents.

Vice Chancellor, Dr Romeela Mohee said the partnership is helping to bring the right kind of energy to promoting education: “For us it is about the international brand; exposure to different models and new international recognition and the prestige, having an organisation like Ducere working with us is exciting.”

“We also like the idea of having a fully online MBA offering for our students, allowing them to become more entrepreneurial, having a more innovative approach to their career and climbing the ladder.

“You need a master’s course to get to different jobs. This particular MBA will create future entrepreneurs and help Mauritius grow.”

As a wider opportunity for growth, Ducere is creating and fostering learning prospects within the community. Dr Mohee sees the strategic alliance as a holistic collaboration, an occasion to encourage women to study and progress in a business environment.

“We have huge potential in Africa,” she said.

“I will use Ducere to get women into the courses. It has to be about empowering people, and creating a beautiful story for Australia and Africa.”

The Republic of Mauritius is a small but idyllic island located 2000km of the southeast coast of Africa and is part of the African continent. Ducere’s ties are strong with Africa and this relationship will aim to strengthen those ties, benefiting the local people and Ducere’s international presence.

Mauritius High Commissioner to Australia, H.E. Mrs Marie France Lisianne Mirella Chauvin highlighted the importance of promoting and encouraging education opportunities with Mauritian families: “Education is the path to success, for a good society,” she said.

“Mauritius is a multicultural country with different aspects of societies, and we have a chance to live like a family. We need this support to build a better Mauritius and help eliminate communalism and inequalities in the country, [through education.]”