Business First Magazine – What Can A Business School Teach Me About Business?

13 Feb 2014

Business schools – what can a business school really teach us about business? Ducere founder Mat Jacobson shares his thoughts with Business First magazine this week.

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As the business landscape continues to change substantially, Mat asks the question ‘what is the role of a business school, and is it worth the investment in time and money?’ The answer – people want to be able to offer more. While the online business sector dominates so does the online education sector as individuals look to increase their employability by up-skilling. This is where business school comes in, a place where students have the flexibility of online learning to develop skills and knowledge to ask the right questions about their career.

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But what about real-world experience? Of course industry experience is necessary for further learning and development, but what a university education does is afford individuals the correct tools to ask the right questions about their career to make the next step forward.

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