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The Gender Gap

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06 May 2014

For years there’s been discussion around whether the gender gap is closing, and it’s still open for debate. Are women getting paid enough? Are they worth more? Or do men truly bring a unique point of difference that a female presence physically cannot?

Every working person at some point in their life has wondered:

“Am I getting paid enough?”

Former professional surfer Layne Beachley is an interesting case study to discuss in light of these questions. She has suffered harassment from male competitors that didn’t believe a woman should be surfing, and also suffered financial hardships in her early years when there was a lack of prize money available to female surfers.


Unconscious bias persists against women, both in sport and in business, and the first step to solving the problem is to become conscious of your own biases.

Being equipped with the power of knowledge, and a strong skill set, is seeing the gender gap close as we see females sit at the head of the table amongst the Board of Directors at leading companies.

Ducere students hold a passion to invest in acquiring these skill sets, which is leading them to great successes, which is largely accredited to the female members of our Global Faculty. Successful business women like Margaret Jackson (ex-QANTAS Chairperson), Jeanne Pratt (co-Chair of VISY and Founder of The Pratt Foundation), Kay Koplovitz (US cable TV queen) and Prof. Adrienne Clarke (Chancellor, La Trobe Uni) are all a part of the faculty, assisting in delivering course content via their own personal business and real life video case studies.