Learn about social enterprise business models

What can I get from this TasterCourse?

You will have an opportunity to explore in depth the concept of the social enterprise business model. You will gain insight into what a business model is, and how they are utilised in the context of ‘the social’. In particular you’ll explore value, organisational forms, and the concept of Lean. This content is tailor-made for the modern professional, and the budding social entrepreneur.

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Key Takeaways

Value and Business Models

  • You can’t have one without the other.
  • You need to know value, before you can understand what business models are- especially ones that offer social value.

Organisational Forms

  • Is an organisation a for-profit company pursuing a social mission, or a not-for-profit acting entrepreneurially?
  • The make-up of the organisation is critical.


  • A new approach to effective business model creation.
  • Lean(ing) means removing waste and optimising those things that work.

Social Enterprises are challenging, but exciting and highly rewarding at the same time. And they are becoming increasingly prevalent. Understanding how sustainable social enterprise business models are created is a crucial lesson to learn.

This is just a start! Do you want to learn more? Come and join us!

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