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  • 44% students received a pay rise or promotion BEFORE graduating
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  • $1.4M in scholarships awarded in three years
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"It's a game changer for management education."

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Learn From 250+ World Leaders

Abbey J Cohen

Former Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

Dominic Barton

Former Global MD Mckinsey & Co. 

Kay Koplovitz

Founder, USA Network

75+ Industry Partners

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United Nations

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Determine how a leading professional services firm should engage with start-ups and the start-up sector in general. Scope and consider structured approaches based on survey data, current trends and industry benchmarks. 

Investigate tangible opportunities for Artificial Intelligence in the professional services sector and make recommendations on how professional services firms could capitalise on this emerging technology.

Create an early stage feasibility study surrounding what types of disabilities are the greatest challenges, what is the competitive landscape of accessibility tools internationally.


Prepare recommendations for best practice to manage uncertainty, maintain staff motivation and productivity and devise change strategies to ensure a strong position for the takeover.


Identify and review key organisational communication assets in order to recommend key value propositions for strategic stakeholders, both philanthropic and corporate.

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Review the regulatory framework for Digital Training in Africa considering the existing infrastructure, and resources available to ensure a successful implementation.

"The most unique MBA in the world, which builds skills by focusing on real industry problems."

Invest In Your Future

  • Fresh opportunities and executive job positions become available to you
  • New career paths open up for you
  • Expand your professional network
  • Enhance your global perspective
  • Improve your business intelligence
  • Increase professional credibility
  • Increase creativity and strategic thinking

"Up to 72% increase in income three years after graduating an MBA."

The Financial Times, 

Australian MBA Rankings.

“86.9% of postgraduates found full-time work within four months of graduation. "

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Survey, National Report.

MBA News writes "So useful were the skills Ducere's MBA projects instilled in Judd, that they helped him earn a promotion at LinkedIn in New York."

Trafford J.

Head of Global Customer Success

Linkedin, New York

"Ducere's MBA course is tremendously well-designed and impactful. I could apply what I learnt to workplace decision-making, the learning is simply unmatched by other courses"

Nada T.
Ducere MBA Alumni

"The academic content not only covers traditional management theories but actually considers the relevant, up-to-date concepts which informed recommendations on real projects."

Ben K.
Ducere MBA Student

100% online study and no exams

#1 Industry applied online MBA

Real-world practical learning

"Undoubtedly the most original course for the managers of our future. It is a game changer."

Prof. Stephen Parker AO
National Education Sector Lead, KPMG

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