Western Sydney business students to learn from world leaders

14 Jan 2014

TAFE NSW – Western Sydney Institute (WSI) business and management students can now learn from world leaders including former Prime Minister John Howard and Archbishop Desmond Tutu because of a partnership with the Ducere Centre of Management. 

The partnership will allow WSI business and management diploma students to learn from successful leaders through new online education organisation Ducere as a part of their nationally accredited TAFE qualifications.

Ducere provides its education programs in leadership, management and social innovation through a real-life case study methodology, delivered by proven frontrunners in these fields.

Ducere Founder, entrepreneur Mathew Jacobson said the partnership with WSI is an exciting opportunity, adding another facet to the organisation’s tertiary course offering.

“By partnering with a leading education provider such as WSI we’re able to extend our unique education experience to students who prefer to study in a face to face environment.

“Our courses offer students unprecedented access to some of the world’s most influential leaders. Can you imagine how valuable it would be for a business student to learn negotiation skills from billionaire Lindsay Fox? It is truly a unique and empowering learning environment.

WSI Director Francesca Saccaro said the partnership offers a point of difference to the content and study method of existing business courses.

“We are excited to be able to offer our students access to Ducere’s Global Leaders Faculty, as the experience of learning from such an incredible group of people is a real game-changing opportunity.

“For new WSI students studying business or management, their qualification will now also come with a wealth of experience that they can’t learn anywhere else,” Ms Saccaro said.

Ducere’s Global Leaders Faculty boasts more than 35 of the world’s most talented, successful and inspirational leaders and businesspeople including Presidents, Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize winners, Attorneys General, University Chancellors and CEOs; proven experts in a variety of fields.

Members of the faculty present case-studies on topics that specifically align with their area of expertise; providing students with invaluable insights into the world of business and social change.

“The Ducere education model allows students to learn from successful and inspirational world leaders, giving them an edge in the job hunt, expanding on their existing skillset and offering them real life examples to apply in their careers,” Jacobson said.

Ducere business and management courses at WSI will be offered from 2014.



For more information about Ducere or to speak with a Ducere or WSI representative, please contact:

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