The Australian – Liberman plan taps potent network

08 Jun 2013

This week, Ducere board member Josh Liberman spoke with Business reporter Damon Kitney to discuss his latest business investment in Ducere, outlining the key elements that make the online business courses at Ducere unique. Read the full article here.

Liberman has long been known as e-commerce investment specialist in the Liberman family, the second riches family in the land. But now he along with Leon Kempler and Mat Jacobson have ventured out on an unusual take on tertiary education affording students the chance to learn from some of the most powerful people in the world.

Ducere offers an online learning environment that has access to extensive interviews conducted with presidents, prime ministers, Nobel-prize winners, world renowned scientists and chief executive of the world’s largest companies.

Liberman told The Australian where his interest in the Ducere project sparked from “Since education is an essential global service, my investment is Ducere is an opportunity to create an education model and system which is readily exportable to the rest of the world”

Liberman goes on to draw similarities between the Ducere learning strategies to that of Harvard University.

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