She Said – Finding Inspiration for Innovative Business Ideas

21 Jun 2014

Recently Ducere founder Mat Jacobson wrote for She Said Australia on the topic of finding inspiration for innovative business ideas.

As a leader for innovation Mat shows readers that there is not a systematic process to finding innovation, it is in fact the opposite . The process is usually not mandated, policy driven or the result of schematic activity. The biggest mistake businesses make with harnessing innovation is trying to turn it into a system, when it’s really requires creativity. 

So what is Mats key ingrediants for finding business innovation? Having the right headspace and connecting to the unconnected.

Firstly, having the right Headspace to deliberate and reflect on certain ideas is essential. It is not possible to be in an innovative frame of mind at all times,  you need allocate time to clear your mind and allow the free flow of ideas to manifest and grow into something tangible. Not a fleeting thought between calendar alerts.

The second ingredient is connecting the unconnected or unfamiliar. Mat uses his favourite Ikea example to illustrate how this process can be a ground breaking business innovation. Ikea’s great innovation of a structured journey all customers must take through their stores, wasn’t invented by Ikea, it existed, only in a totally unconnected way. The founder saw this process while holidaying in New York and visiting the Guggenheim Museum. The genius was in questioning why a retail store couldn’t or shouldn’t work in the same way as this museum.

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