Julia Gillard appointed as Chancellor of Dūcere

26 Feb 2015

Dūcere, an Australian social enterprise, is delighted to announce the appointment of Julia Gillard as Chancellor.

Dūcere is a world leading education initiative with two arms. It is an academic enterprise, which has developed leading education programs in combination with over 150 global leaders – including Presidents, Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize winners, humanitarians and global CEOs – and that partners exclusively with public higher education institutions, including TAFEs and universities. The second arm, The Dūcere Foundation, is a philanthropic entity, which is fully funded by Dūcere and operates a range of programs to transform public education African nations. This includes a Peace Centre program, school improvement programs in maths, science and English, and the world’s first publishing house to capture oral story telling traditions across the continent. Currently the foundation employs over 50 full time staff in ten African nations.

As Chancellor of Dūcere, Ms Gillard will have an active role in the strategic direction of Ducere and delivery of all its objectives.

Mat Jacobson, Founder of Dūcere comments: “We are thrilled to have someone as experienced and passionate about education as Ms Gillard join us as Chancellor. Her depth of experience in education policy is unparalleled and we believe she will be vital to our objectives of transforming the education landscape.”

Ms Gillard will have an active presence in the Dūcere Foundation as well as working closely on Dūcere’s overarching goals of developing programs at the forefront of academic and industry collaboration.

Ms Gillard will help support the outcomes and effectiveness of the Foundation and its programs and also garner support and collaborative partnerships, both in Australia and globally; to promote Dūcere vision’s to all stakeholders. This will enhance Dūcere’s current partnerships with Universities, the Clinton Global Initiative, The United Nations and other influential bodies.

As part of her position as Chancellor, Ms Gillard will have an active role in developing initiatives to promote women’s leadership and innovation in education; a subject close to her heart.

On her appointment, Ms Gillard commented: “The connection between higher education, industry and Government is vital to the future success of academic institutions. So too are the links between academic underpinning and real world learning at all levels of education, which is one of the main reasons for my involvement with Dūcere; the organisation is a platform for creating meaningful change in education at both an academic and philanthropic level and I am delighted to be joining them as Chancellor.”


About Dūcere

Dūcere is Australia’s leading education provider for business and management courses from Diploma levels through to a world’s first MBA program.

It provides education programs in leadership, management and social innovation through a real-life case study methodology, delivered through in-depth case studies from the most inspiring and successful people in their fields.

Dūcere’s offering is different from anything else on the market; an engaging video based e-learning platform that combines knowledge and experiences of over 150 Global Leaders comprising some of the world’s most successful individuals including Presidents, Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize Winners, government ministers, entrepreneurs, scientists, academics, humanitarians, entertainers, and the CEOs of some of the world’s largest multinationals.

The Dūcere Board is made up of Chairman, Leon Kempler OAM; Founder & CEO, Mathew Jacobson BA (hons.) LLB (hons.); and Director, Josh Liberman.