Dūcere launch new Bachelor Degrees

14 May 2015

As Australia’s leading online business education provider, we have partnered with the University of Canberra to launch a number of groundbreaking online Bachelor Degrees.

We are offering four degrees:

    • Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship
    • Bachelor of Applied Social Entrepreneurship
    • Bachelor of Applied Business in Management
    • Bachelor of Applied Business in Marketing

Both the Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship degrees are the only of their kind, providing students with a revolutionary experience in which students build their own ventures as a key component of their course-work.

All degrees utilise interactive resources catering for various learning styles on a multimedia e-learning platform supported by webinars, animated explainer videos, workshops and dedicated phone support.

“Our bachelor degrees are designed for students to study what they’re passionate about and as a result, get the most out of themselves and their education. We want to create the most successful global leaders and prove that entrepreneurial thinking and success isn’t reserved for an exclusive few, and is instead readily available to all”.
Omar de Silva, The Managing Director of Bachelor Programs

This philosophy of real-world application is incorporated into all bachelor degrees, bridging the gap between education and industry. In the marketing and management degrees, students will be working with various organisations around Australia to implement their knowledge to help businesses as they work on real challenges and opportunities. This unique model, built into the course work, ensures that Dūcere graduates will leave with the competitive advantages required for employment over their peers. And in less time. Accredited by the University of Canberra, the degrees are suited to all students from school leavers, diploma students, gap year students and mature aged students with no upfront fees and HECS-HELP available.

Unique to the business education sector, Dūcere works with a host of Global Faculty Leaders who offer key learning objectives with students learning from prominent industry figures including:

      • John Howard, Former Australian Prime Minister
      • Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
      • Prof. Robert S. Kaplan, Harvard Business School
      • Margaret Jackson AC, ex-Chair of Qantas Airways
      • Andrew Bassat, CEO of SEEK
      • Jim Papa, Special Assistant to President Obama (2009-2013).

All courses offer the flexibility of being completed online, with support offered by experienced academics via webinars, at the student’s own pace – from a minimum of 18 months right through to 10 years – working around current commitments and lifestyles.

Dūcere follows the philosophy of transforming education and changing lives, providing students with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and networking with strong business leaders and organisations alike.

For more information on the Bachelor’s Degree program, click here