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Abbott proposes education role for big business in schools

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31 Oct 2014

In an attempt to provide wider opportunities for high school graduates when entering the workforce, earlier this month the Abbott Government announced its plans for a corporate-sponsored program, Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools or P-TECH.

Inspired by the IBM school in New York, this innovative federal government pilot program, will see high school students gain insights from leading corporate players within Australia.

The aim is for students to gain a greater understanding of the world from different businesses and industries at a time when they are making crucial decisions about their career pathways, through in-company learning.

In a recent article in The Weekly Times Now, Mr Abbott stated the need for a model that incorporated real world learning into the curriculum of high school students.

“What we want to do is explore the potential of this model, not because…we’re trying to cost-shift, just because we think that, particularly for kids getting towards the end of high school, it may well help to get jobs.”

Programs such as this are in line with Ducere’s approach to education that bridges the gap between the classroom and the real world, to produce more equipped and job-ready graduates.

At present, Melbourne-based Ducere has key Australian industry partners such as SEEK, NAB, KPMG and Linfox, which offers tertiary students invaluable insights into areas of business and management.

The merging of real-world and classroom based learning is a topical space, which governments are quickly seeing can benefit the youth of today for their future careers.

For further information on Ducere’s educational partnerships and programs visit the courses section of Ducere’s website.