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Ducere Students Completing Courses in Record Time

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This month Ducere student, Kelly Bergsma, completed her Diploma of Management (BSB51107) in record time through her dedication, hard work and application to study. This kind of achievement could only be possible with the support of our amazing Student Services Team, who work around the clock to answer any questions students may have. For motivated students like Kelly who are committed to their study, this is of critical importance.

Kelly, a student from the Central Institute of Technology (RTO Code: 1988), based in Perth, has a fascinating background in Freelance TV production, sports training and photography. We caught up with Kelly about what she though of the course.

“It was such a fun and exciting course. I can’t believe I managed to do it in such a short time.”

CIT lecturer, Catherine Murphy, said Kelly’s work has always been of a high standard, very well written, researched and presented, and that Kelly has been a pleasure to have as an online student.

Darcy Johnson, our Student Services Representative for CIT students, commented that Kelly’s commitment to study is something anyone can aspire to.

“You can do it if you dedicate yourself and put in the effort, it just requires the right application.”

“Be realistic with your time frame and schedule study for yourself when you’re free, like on a Friday afternoon – and stick to your study plan.”

When commitment starts to waver, you can expect a call from mentoring professionals like Darcy.

“I like to help them get excited about why they started the course in the first place. Then I try to set goals for them. Soon enough, they are back on track.”

By Ryan Thompson

Ducere Student Services Team

Our Student Services Team – From left to right – Alvin Liau, Stacy Meddings, Michael Galle, Darcy Johnson, David Shortt, Curtis O’Neil & Darren Pavichievac – Here to help students with any problems.


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