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Ducere student interview with Russel Perdio

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Giddy and elated Russel Perdio, a recent graduate of Ducere’s Diploma of Management, is many things – a car enthusiast, a full-time worker and an Australian IPF power-lifter. He speaks to us about juggling work, study and deadlifting over 200kg weights.

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What made you study via Ducere’s course?
I’d taken some time out of studying and wanting to get back into it but was looking for something a bit different. Ducere’s Diploma of Management looked really cool and different.

What was the most interesting part of the course?
Definitely being able to listen to the leaders discussing their own business experiences and situations.

How have you applied the skills you learnt during your diploma to real life?
At the moment I work full-time in manufacturing and the diploma has definitely changed my view on business day-to-day. In the near future I want to become a real estate agent and my diploma will be really useful because it focused heavily on business improvement.

Which faculty members inspired you?
I loved listening to the previous President of the Republic of Botswana, Sir Ketumile Masire, describe his experiences managing people, he has such fascinating insight.

How’d you balance your time?
I think if you are dedicated to the different aspects in your life it comes naturally. I was working 9 hours, training for 3 then I’d have a couple of hours to eat and do work! You just can’t let yourself be put down with stress and instead work at it bit by bit. All the small contributions make a big difference.

Any study tips?
Don’t be afraid to contact the trainers, they’re very prompt and will take the time to understand and help you.

Any other future plans?
Right now it’s all a bit up in the air as I’m going travelling to the Philippines but in the next year I have two goals – to become a real estate agent and to become an internationally ranked heavy weight lifting champion.

What is your life motto/personal philosophy?
Simply, be passionate.

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