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Ducere student interview with Belinda Ryan

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10 Jul 2014

Ducere student Belinda Ryan, like many other parents trying to balance the juggling act of career and family, was seeking course flexibility when looking to up skill in areas of management and leadership. During her Ducere course, Belinda was a fan of the case study model and online nature of learning, believing it has equipped her with the right skills to re-enter the workforce and tackle her next career adventure.

We caught up with Belinda for five minutes to tell us about her Ducere experience:

1. What inspired you to undergo your studies through Ducere?

I came across Ducere completely by accident and once I learnt about the Diploma of Management I thought it would be a great chance for me to learn some new skills.

2. What skills did you hope to gain from study that you did not have prior to enrolling with Ducere? 

I would like to have better management skills to take to any future job positions.

3. What aspect of the course have you found most challenging, but also rewarding? 

I am finding the assignments to be the most challenging, but am surprising myself when I get the feedback.

4. Have you enjoyed learning from the Global Faculty case studies? How does it differ from your previous learning experiences?

The case studies have been very interesting, especially learning about the different industries and world leaders experiences.

5. Do you think in 10 years all tertiary education will be offered as an online course? What do you see as the greatest benefit of studying online?

I do. This will be great for parents who want to have the balance of family and career.

6. What job do you hope to get once you finish your course?

I am currently wanting to get into the aged care industry and hope this course will give me the management knowledge needed.

7. Do you feel ready to enter the workforce with your new skill set? What’s the biggest lesson you’ve taken from the Global Faculty?

I believe that I could now re-enter the workforce with my new skills. The biggest lesson from the Global Faculty would be, never give up.

8. Extra information you think will be useful for us: i.e. Have you taken some time off and travelled? Are you looking for a new job or promotion? Were you recently made redundant and looking to up skill? Have you studied previously? What’s your story?

I have been a full-time parent for 23 years, working part time in the family business, and not having any formal qualifications, I decided this was my year to aim towards a career.

9. Where do you live? 

Gloucester, NSW

10. How old are you? 18-25 | 25-35 | 35-50 | 50+

44 years young