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Ducere MBA event held at the University of Canberra

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On August 28th, Ducere’s MBA cohort were invited to the Ann Harding Center at the University of Canberra for a networking and industry event.  The event featured three seminars followed by a panel discussion and networking opportunity.

Ducere MBA Panel Discussion

Panel from left to right: Ms Lisa Paul, Mr Michael Brissenden, Prof. Stephen Parker and Jack Hylands












During the first session of the event, Ducere’s MBA students were treated to a seminar on Understanding Telecommunication and Transport Policy Outcomes. This was hosted by Dr Michael De Percy, Senior Lecturer in Political Science at the University of Canberra.

The second session focused on Organisational Transformation from Mr Peter Alexander, Chief Information Officer at the Federal Treasury.

The third session appealed to the budding entrepreneurs amongst our MBA cohort, with the topic being strategy, governance and innovation, hosted by Mr David Spriggs, the CEO at Infoxchange.

Following this, there was an MBA panel event, featuring three industry leaders answering questions from the Ducere MBA cohort. Initially, the conversation centred on leadership through the lens of “structuralists”; a leader that sets up a corporate structure, and “culturalists”; someone who focuses on changing the organisational culture.

Ms. Lisa Paul, Secretary from the Department of Education, commented that she was a firm culturalist. “You can work with a rubbish structure if you have the right organisational culture. But you can’t fix a poor organisational culture under the even best corporate structure.”

The conversation soon moved to media, in particular the digital transformation of media. Mr Michael Brissenden, the Host of AM Current Affairs Program on ABC radio, stated, “The growth that’s happening in the media is in The Guardian, Huffington Post [and] Buzzfeed; online media companies that have cracked something. It’s amazing, we can now see that Buzzfeed have 5000 word articles, it’s not only ‘7 best something’.”

Leadership in difficult times was another topic addressed by the panel, with Prof. Stephen Parker, Vice-Chancellor & President of the University of Canberra, describing the Stockdale Paradox. “Leaders that can preserve what’s great, face facts full-on but promise a better future are the leaders that can lead through turbulent times.”

Jack Hylands, Head of Ducere’s MBA, said that the student feedback from the event was very positive.

“This is another way that this MBA provides both the flexibility of online study and the ability to form strong and lasting networks through project work and in-person events. Students do not have to take years out of the workforce but still get all the benefits of collaborating with peers and senior business leaders.”

Following this event, Ducere Bachelor’s students will now have the opportunity to attend Ducere industry events alongside the MBA cohort. This will maximise the networking opportunities for Ducere’s student cohort, allowing for an unprecedented level of contact with peers for an online course.

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