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Diploma of Business Graduate: Brenden Read

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21 Aug 2015

Ducere Diploma of Business (BSB50207) Graduate, Brenden Read, is a passionate entrepreneur who likes to study internet marketing in between caring for his young family. Congratulations on finishing your course, Brenden!

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Diploma of Business (BSB50207)

What did you think of the course?

I thought the course had really Interesting content, and I enjoyed getting into study and learning new things that I could apply to my work.

Favourite Global Faculty Member and why?

Well there were a couple that really stood out. One was Robert Doyle because I enjoyed the detail behind the story. Another was Lindsay Fox because he’s just an easy guy to relate to and I have long been an admirer of his journey.

What are your hopes and aspirations and how is your Ducere course going to help you get there?

I hope to grow a sizeable family business that offers continual growth and flexibility around my family life. I have never been one for the nine-to-five grind and find that building my own business is one ways of having the best of both worlds. The Ducere learning experience has been useful to update and consolidate my existing skills, as well as expand on topics that I knew little about.

What did a day in your life look like while you were studying with Ducere?

Waking up in the early morning and doing study worked best for me, I have a young family (including a newborn), so it’s always hectic. Often study was delayed, paused or abandoned for a short period of time while family life took over. We always managed to get back on track however.

What do you do outside of study in your day to day life?

I work on my own business, study internet marketing (Google Adwords and Google Analytics specifically), spend time with my kids and relax with friends. In summer time, we spend most of our afternoons in the pool. My other hobbies are cooking and photography.