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CSIRO suffers a blow to Australia’s research community

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16 Apr 2014

Yesterday the news sphere was inundated with stories surrounding the impending funding cuts at the CSIRO.

Ducere Global Faculty Member Sir Gustav Nossal, a highly distinguished Australian research biologist, said he would be appalled if the CSIRO were targeted for cuts since it would send a poor message to young Australians at a time when the country was becoming more and more dependent on innovation for its future.

“CSIRO will produce research results that will sponsor innovation and help to create smart industries, which is what Australia needs after a mining boom,” he explains.

The CSIRO is a long-term investment for the future, so as opposed to cutting funding, a greater investment by the Government in science and innovation would lead to economic opportunities.

Learning, science and research is the key to Australia’s future competitiveness, and without innovation we may lose the productivity gains that the country needs.

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