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Creative smarts the key to career success

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When 87 per cent of primary and secondary educators from 13 countries think the education system does not place enough emphasis on creative expression, there’s cause for concern.


In the Education section of The Age it was noted that creativity fosters the advanced critical thinking required of the emerging “creative and knowledge” economies, where “smart jobs are replacing muscle work”.

Given the advancement of technology we’ve seen in recent years, the world is rippling with creative entrepreneurs, who could rightfully be referred to as “shapeshifters”.

In order for Dūcere to stay relevant in education, we continually look at what the students are doing. The tertiary sector is morphing dramatically because the undergraduate generation expects to learn with their tablet, smartphone and laptop.

Higher education has traditionally been delivered in a lecture scenario, but we can all preempt that that’s not how it will be done in the future. Ducere is revolutionary in its education practices, given that we provide learning via an online database.

We are creative in our approach, and work closely with our students to ensure they are endowed with the skill to be creative.

In this connected world, you need collaboration, communication and creativity. If our Dūcere graduates can confidently say they possess those three traits then we’ve done our job.

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