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Business Council of Australia looks to education to attain competitive advantage

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14 Aug 2014

Earlier this month the Business Council of Australia’s newest president, Catherine Livingstone called for school leavers to seek out educational options that focused on teaching skills that were both job-related and held technical relevance.

In the article that featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, earlier this month, Livingstone asserted that to ensure a competitive economy, building innovative infrastructure was essential.

Bridging the gap between education and real life experience, innovative educational provider, Ducere, seeks to offer individuals a flexible and alternate option to up skill and be in the best place to find meaningful employment upon graduation.

Rather than learning everything the minute the job begins, Ducere’s mission is to impart entrepreneurial wisdom sourced from its global faculty, with students graduating within six months with a Diploma of Business or management.

For economies to innovate and stay relevant, education is a space that needs to transform and develop. Competing demands faced by students, and by employees, calls for learning that caters to the practical requirements of the modern workplace.

To see the article in full, check out the Sydney Morning Herald.


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