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Are Mid-Career Scientists Making a Change?

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Translating Professional Research into Career Success with Ducere’s Industry-Leading MBA

In a fast-paced world economy, which emphasises immediate return and quick strategic thinking, the professional researcher possesses a unique skillset. Australia’s scientists and academics are trained to get all the facts, make informed decisions and adapt to new knowledge; most have studied or worked with universities since their early twenties, and many will have spent their entire careers inside of institutional academia.

However, a new survey by the Australian Society for Medical Research has revealed that as many as 80% of Australia’s researchers are “considering leaving scientific research for another career”. The report said five years of static National Health and Medical Research Council funding had led to falling grant rates and a decline in the scientific workforce. A second research paper by Deloitte Access Economics reveals since 2013, the number of scientists funded by NHMRC grants has fallen by 16 per cent. (Source: ABC news)

Are you one of those researchers? Have you missed out on funding because of overlong applications and reporting requirements? Are you concerned by the lack of opportunity in your sector, and thinking about making a positive change for the sake of your own career?

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If so, the Ducere Global Business School has a unique opportunity for you, in the form of an industry-leading MBA (Innovation and Leadership) program which connects students with real-world businesses, partnerships and challenges. Dubbed “Australia’s most innovative new MBA” by the Financial Review in 2015, the Ducere MBA teaches students how to relate entrepreneurial and not-for-profit strategies to real business challenges, and combines practical experience with unprecedented problem-solving and networking opportunities.

This program, delivered in partnership with the University of Canberra, places the MBA student in projects with Ducere industry partners including KPMG, NAB, Telstra, Save The Children, Linfox and Infoxchange. While working with these businesses, students have access to exclusive business and entrepreneurial knowledge through Ducere’s innovative online learning platform, which applies the insights of over 250 world leaders to a rigorous curriculum and qualification structure.

Why the Ducere MBA makes sense for your career change:

• You understand the tertiary system, and know how to communicate your skills as a researcher and scientist to employers, but you want to add new dimensions and experience to this skillset
• You want to meet new people and work on real industry projects, without the restrictions or obligations of a traditional MBA program
• You want to put down real experience with Australia’s top businesses on your CV
• You know a well-designed learning resource when you see one
• You are interested in the ways that entrepreneurship, philanthropy and education intersect, and in building new knowledge partnerships between industry and the academy

Ducere respects knowledge, and recognises the unique skills of Australian scientists. With exclusive course content and a unique MBA challenge, Ducere is helping these researchers to forge new career horizons.

• MBA progression rate of 95%
• 83% of graduations within the first year of study
• A commitment to education innovation and global philanthropy
• Global Game Changers Program – Bachelor study with exclusive travel and networking opportunities
 Ducere Foundation – Developing Passionate Learners and Motivated Leaders in Africa

For more information, please email our MBA student liaison at [email protected].

From flexible and self-directed online study, to real-world business projects and dynamic industry events, our Bachelor and MBAhave been designed to meet the needs of the modern learner. 

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