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Academic Partnerships


Dūcere partners with renowned universities and vocational institutions. We believe partnering with high quality institutions creates optimal learning outcomes for students. This partnership model allows Dūcere to focus on its core competencies and leverage off the established resources of major institutional partners such as campus facilities and university accreditation.


Quality Student Learning Outcomes

  • World class industry relevant content across your institution.
  • High quality digital assets available to students and faculty.
  • New content continually added to a growing database of learning materials.
  • Lifelong learning available to all students and alumni.
  • Industry engagement on campus and online.

Commercial Return on Investment

  • Differentiate your institution from your competitors.
  • Expand into new markets with a unique offering.
  • Marginal student growth required for return on investment.
  • Market and differentiate your institution with an exclusive license in your territory.
  • Drive revenue growth through increased enrolments.


Delivery of events, panel discussions and webinars bringing industry engagement to students both face-to-face and online.

A host of industry relevant learning assets such as modules, slide decks, case studies, light boards and animated key concepts.

Maintain lifelong learning with alumni by providing access to industry relevant content and learning materials.

Differentiate your institution from competitors and open new market opportunities by promoting the world’s most successful leaders and your institution as the most industry connected in your region.

Students will learn from a host of industry experts such as marketing gurus, scientists and heads of departments.

Insights delivered from over 200 of some of the world’s greatest leaders.

Option to license Dūcere’s existing undergraduate and postgraduate programs