Office of the Chancellor

The Hon. Julia Gillard AC appointed as Chancellor of Dūcere

“The connection between higher education, industry and government is vital to the future success of academic institutions. So too are the links between academic underpinning and real world learning at all levels of education, which is one of the main reasons for my involvement with Dūcere; the organisation is a platform for creating meaningful change in education at both an academic and philanthropic level and I am delighted to be joining them as Chancellor.”

Message from The Hon. Julia Gillard AC, Chancellor, Dūcere

Welcome to Dūcere Business School, an education provider for business and management courses which are truly world leading.

Dūcere provides education programs in leadership, management and social innovation through a unique real-life case study methodology, with content delivered by people, who are highly successful in their fields and have the capacity to inspire.

Dūcere is also committed to fundamentally improving the education of children and young adults in the poorest countries of the world. The Dūcere Foundation, which is funded entirely from the academic business, operates a Peace Centre program, school improvement programs in maths, science and English, and the world’s first publishing house to capture oral story telling traditions across Africa.

Dūcere has visionary management and is dedicated to excellence. In Dūcere, you will find a commitment to innovation and leadership in education that is unmatched.

We welcome your involvement and engagement with Dūcere.


In the Media

Inaugural Cohort Event: Panel discussion on innovation and leadership.