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5 reasons why online study can make you successful

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Ducere students know that online study is a sure-fire way to maximise your output in life. And with a flexible degree with Ducere, anyone can study while they work. Here are the 5 reasons why you should study an online course.

How eLearning can make you successful

Never stop learning

You should never stop learning. When people leave the classroom, complacency can start to take over and learning takes a back-step. But successful individuals understand that learning is a never-ending quest for self-fulfillment. Gandhi said it best with this…
“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
Doing an online course is a great way to keep yourself learning and you can get serious about your self-education with a Ducere course.

You can learn from world leaders

An online course, such as Ducere’s eLearning model, gives students access to an unparalleled network of world leaders.
Online study has the benefit of being able to overcome the tyranny of distance and an eLearning course can call on leaders from across the world to pass on industry information. One of the secrets to success is the ability to learn from your heroes. With Ducere, you have access to over 250 global leaders, so you can listen and learn from the best in business.

You have the time to start your own business

Have you always imagined being your own boss and becoming an entrepreneur? University courses often focus on becoming an employee, which does not suit everyone. With a Ducere eLearning course, you can learn from entrepreneurs such as Lance Kalish, founder of Yes To Inc. Then you can start applying those lessons to your start-up.

You can learn how to apply creative insights to your workplace

One of the problems with University is that traditionally, you finish study and then you start work. With an online course, you can study while you work. That means you get fresh ideas you can apply the very next day in the office. Feeling stuck about a creative solution to a problem? Load up the Ducere unit on creative problem solving and engage your employees.

You can get a respected accreditation

Let’s not understate the importance of earning an industry-recognised accreditation. This is the main benefit of going to University. But now you can even achieve a respected degree through eLearning. Ducere’s Diploma courses are partnered with respected Australian TAFE partners, while the MBA and Bachelors courses are partnered with The University of Canberra. Ducere graduates earn an accreditation from these education providers, which will go a long way towards earning employment in your desired field.

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By Ryan Thompson
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